Millennium Community Development Initiatives (MCDI) P.O. Box 4828-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254-020-2643606 Mob: +254-726-145-661 Email: Website: Mining Bill 2012: Request for inputs The Constitution Implementation Committee (CIC) has requested for input from the general public on the Mining Bill, 2012. Follow the link for a copy of the Mining Bill that has been prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources. Due to the significance of land, minerals and natural resources to the people of Kenya, and more so under the devolved system of governance, the CIC has scheduled a number of consultative meetings involving representatives of all 47 Counties, civil society, relevant local and international organizations, the business community, relevant private and public sector institutions and the Kenyan public. For more information go to: Have you read the Water Bill 2012? Under Article 43 of the new Constitution the right to safe water and access to safe basic sanitation is enshrined. Another key aspect of the constitution is the devolution of government to county levels. Since all laws in Kenya are based on this constitution, various Ministries and Government Departments have set up task forces and think tanks to develop new strategic directions for the various sectors and to draft new laws. The Water Bill 2012 is one of these new laws that has been drafted and is currently being debated. Maji na Ufanisi (Water and Development) analyses the changes proposed in the Water Bill 2012, including restructuring and renaming of key institutions that were established under the Water Act 2002. Of special interest to communities is the retention of the Water Resource Users Associations (WRUAs). Follow this link for an in-depth analysis of the Water Bill 2012 by Maji na Ufanisi. you-read-the-water-bill-2012 UPDATES This website is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Maxwell Kinyanjui A great practical environmentalist