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The Millennium Community Development Initiatives
(MCDI) is a local membership organization that was established by a group of volunteers who belong to poor rural communities; after they realized that a lot of poverty in Kenya is caused by the poor management of the natural resources.

MCDI’s main purpose is to create awareness about existing environmental issues and facilitate communities to identify their home-grown solutions. The organization also disseminates information about solutions that have been applied successfully by communities in the country and in other regions. MCDI achieves this through research and documenting environmental issues and best practices. The information is disseminated through an attractive, reader friendly magazine, The Environmental Barometer, and through short videos.

The Environmental Barometer reports on community projects,
highlighting the successes and failures. The magazine maintains a simple approach to reporting on issues close to the hearts of communities. It lets the people talk about their projects in an interactive manner. The aim is to allow other people to learn about the good things that are happening and which are usually only known by individual project members and beneficiaries.

The Environmental Barometer provides a voice for the often overlooked grassroots communities by highlighting positive community development initiatives and lessons from the ground. It therefore fills a gap that is left by mainstream media that tend to focus more on political stories

Rapid urbanisation is changing patterns of water consumption. This has caused a severe misuse of
water resources.     Excessive and uncontrolled use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides promotes contaminated agricultural run off.
    This not only pollutes the surface drains but the water trickling down to lower layers of soil causes a severe contamination of the natural aquifer. Over abstraction of groundwater prompts recharge from the surface water drains, which themselves are severely contaminated.

. see more at http://www.wwfpak.org

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